1. Some photos I wasn’t quite so happy with from yesterday, mostly because shooting, even on one point auto, at 17mm f4L with the 5Dmk2 is a pain in the arse. 


  2. Tylar Mcaffrey - fs Nosegrind - Midsomer Norton


  3. Today’s Montrose RAW file comes in the form of a Jason Bishop close-up. These guys are still fighting to make it into the qualifiers for the Redbull Download competition, and you can vote every day so make sure to give these guys some much needed support! 




  5. Matt Russell - fs Smith @Midsomer Norton Skatepark. 


  6. Stood at the summit of the westest mountain in Wales shooting a timelapse. As you can see a storm is imminent. Running down a mountain in a hailstorm is not fun.


  7. Grading some footage I shot for a client a week or so ago. The canon 5D came out in 2008, and can still produce results like this. Cinestyle is a brilliant tool that far too many people do not have the time for. 


  8. Whitesands - West Wales


  9. lewisjelleycinematography:

    Hudson Taylor - Barn on the Farm Festival 2013 - Photo by me! 

    Glad to see this is still doing the loops! Hoping to return to BOTF this year!

    (via tessa-the-tesseract)


  10. Montrose - Blush (Live @The Amethyst) 08/03/2014